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AS9100C Quality Training and Consulting Service

Services are tailored to the needs of the company.  The following is a general description of the services available.

3 DAY GAP ANALYSIS INCLUDING REPORT                               
Provides the client with a detailed report of areas within the quality system that need further development to ensure certification.

2 Day Internal Auditors Training                                                    
Provides the client with internal auditor instruction needed to establish and implement the internal auditing program required by AS9100C. Up to 10 persons trained. Training Materials included in price.

5 Day Quality System Awareness Training and Development    
This training is for the Management Representative that has an understanding of system development and implementation but needs AS9100C training and assistance with defining current company activities and how each is applicable to the aerospace standard.

AS9100C System Development for the Intermediate        
Provide the client/Management Representative with a complete understanding of AS9100C Aerospace Quality System Development, which includes a detailed instruction of the elements within the AS9100C standard and how they apply to the organization.  This package is for the client that has knowledge and a partial system already established and is in need of further implementation assistance.  The duration of services is for a period of 13 – two-day work sessions within a 6-month period that is agreed upon between the client and New England ISO Services representative. Package includes AS9100C training, development of Quality Manual and required documentation.  Also includes employee awareness training and documentation required in the standard is included with this package.

Internal Auditing Service Annually                                                 
Provide internal auditing services to small to midsize companies that are limited in resources.  The audits are based on the company’s internal audit schedule.

Note:  Travel and Expenses are billed separately.  Mileage is charged at current federal rate and expenses billed at actual cost.